Pure Analytics in Entrepreneur Magazine:

Will the Cannabis Industry Be the First True Gender Equalizer?

The cannabis space may go down in history as one of the most complicated industries in which to grow a business. Because cannabis is still illegal under federal law in the U.S., cannabis companies are burdened with tax, banking, and interstate commerce issues, coupled with ever-shifting regulations.

“The cannabis industry requires the ability to interpret a quickly changing landscape and pivot with lightning speed and laser accuracy to make it through the challenges of banking restrictions, the threat of federal law enforcement, the idea a government could take my business from me if I don’t meet requirements defined with two weeks to implement, or stop operating,” says Samantha Miller, President and Chief Scientist of Pure Analytics Lab. “Every day is a challenge with unique obstacles, and I’m the one who makes the final decisions.  That’s the thrill and peril of being a founding member of a new market segment.  You have to love the game if you’re going to play.”  

Link to Full Article: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/314201

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