THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is in a class of substances called cannabinoids and is the main psychoactive substance in cannabis.  THC has been found to have several therapeutic applications such as treatment of mild to moderate pain, appetite loss, insomnia, depression and nausea.

Recent pre-clinical trials conducted by the FDA have suggested that THC-rich inhaled cannabis significantly reduces the onset of neuropathy (nerve pain/degeneration of nerves) in patients who suffer from that condition.  THC was also found to have potential benefits for the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in studies recently conducted by International Association for Cannabinoid Medicine.  The CB1 receptors in the brain that are stimulated by THC appear to play an important role in the ability to eliminate adverse memories, often at the core of PTSD.

CBD or Cannabidiol is another type of cannabinoid found in cannabis.  Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive and does not contribute to a feeling of “being high”.  In fact, many patients report an alerting effect from CBD and thus care should be taken with consumption of high amounts of CBD near bedtime until you are familiar with your reaction.

CBD has also been found to have several therapeutic benefits.  CBD has been found to provide relief from chronic pain due to muscle spasticity, muscle
convulsions and inflammation.  This type of pain is often experienced by patients who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia and Epilepsy.  In addition to pain relief CBD has been shown to assist with general feelings of anxiety as well as cannabis-induced anxiety.

Recent research at Temple University has suggested that in CBD may also be a strong preventative for the onset of chemotherapy-induced neuropathy, a side-effect of some of chemotherapy drugs.

From a general therapeutic perspective THC and CBD have important effects on one another when ingested together.  When present along with THC, CBD prolongs the effects of THC-therapy by inhibiting the breakdown process of THC in our liver.  If the THC breakdown is inhibited, its effects persist longer.  When appreciable amounts of CBD (>4% CBD by weight for flowers) are ingested along with THC, the CBD may reduce the psychoactivity many patients would normally experience from the THC present.  Exciting studies that are currently being conducted at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco are demonstrating that specific amounts of THC and CBD injected into breast and brain tumors can eliminate those tumors completely, in 30 days.

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As more and
more federal funding for cannabis research becomes available we hope should see
even more exciting therapeutic applications of THC and CBD both individually
and together.

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15 Responses to How THC and CBD Work Together

  1. Dr. Ilya Reznik says:

    Just in order, to be correct, I found some citation on my recent work:

    As a part of our routine consulting work, we assessed the mental condition of 160 adult PTSD patients, who applied to the Ministry of Health in order to obtain a license for the Medical Cannabis. The results show good tolerability and other benefits (especially in the QoL & on CGI-I) of combine approach, especially in patients with either pain and/or depression comorbidity. Medical Cannabis was found to have benefits on and Quality of Life Scale, especially in patients with either pain and/or depression comorbidity.
    I presented the results at the Bonn Conference of International Association for Cannabinoid Medicine in 2011.

  2. mjfemseed says:

    I am diagnosed bipolar, cannabis helps me a lot

    • Rebel says:

      I have PTSD. It works better than anything, but it’s not legal in my state and I Klonopin is, so have to roll with that. The generic, really, but I can’t think of the name right now.

      Weed is non addictive and to my knowledge, no one has found any harmful side effects. Not even on the lungs. Which tells me it’s the chemicals they put in tobacco today which causes lung cancer. Just a guess. I’m not a doctor or a medical research scientist.

  3. stephanie taylor says:

    are there any proven studies that cannibis harms a fetus?hospitals drug test for marijuana and remove newborns and children from thier home simly for smoking this.

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  7. judy arday says:

    How do I get CBD meds. I have a medical marijuana prescription from my doctor and none of the dispensaries on my area (Humboldt County, Ca) nor the Canada dispensary sells it. I have a bad chemical response to THC marijuana. I have severe osteoarthritis. Any help with you?

  8. jon says:

    Can the CBD in marijuana help with lumbar nerve damage to relieve chronic pain?

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  10. Ana says:

    Does THC interfere with anti convulsant dosage. For epilepsy is it must to have only CBD and no THC?

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  12. kathy says:

    According to medical research, which component of cannabis cures cancer—the THC or the CBD? If you take an oil with CBD alone, will that cure cancer?

  13. me says:

    May be behind as is often my case, but I just found some with >8% CBD and <6% THC. I'm thinking some serious pain relief without a serious stone. I realize that may be counter productive to some, but with the reduction of the matabolization of THC with the increased CBD if you were to mix it with something around 20% THC you would be pain free all day but would also be couch locked for hours and hours…you know…if that were what you were after. But then I am not a chemist..I may be wrong…just throwing it out there.

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