The Humboldt Cannabis College and Pure Analytics bring to you an exciting event in beautiful Humboldt County at Wonderland Nursery in Garberville June 13th starting at 10 am.  A full day of cannabis education, demos, and workshops on how to enhance your cannabis knowledge and take your skills to the next level.

Pure Analytics’ President and Chief Scientist, Samantha Miller, will share her in-depth expertise with three information packed seminars throughout the day with topics including, Therapeutic Uses of Cannabis, the Endocannabinoid System and a look at how cannabis works in your body, plus a great session on how to produce edibles with consistent activation and dosage.  Edible and infused product makers will save time and money with the strategies they learn in this course.

Learn the benefits of Cannabis Juicing and participate in a live demonstration with Humboldt Cannabis College’s Director of Education, Donna King.  Donna will explore the different commercial juicers available, demonstrate the best methods developed through years of trial and error and answer audience questions.

Water concentrate extraction expert, Big Will, will share best methods and practices for small and large water concentrate batches.  This live demo will answer all of your questions around making the most sought after artisan water concentrates, a great way to distinguish yourself in todays market crowded with chemically extracted concentrates.

Wonderland Nursery founder and Cannabis Cultivation Master, Kevin Jodrey, will be top off the day with a Q&A session answering the tough questions every farmer needs the answers to on breeding, indoor and outdoor cultivation, cloning and more.

BBQ will be available for purchase during the lunch hour. Tickets are available at the door for $40. For more info, visit,, or call 888.505.7108.


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